30 years of expertise in laser technology

With the merger on December 16, 2020, LS Laser Systems and EPP Electronic Production Partners are now going their separate ways, operating as a new brand under the name L-TRIS. LS Laser Systems was acquired in January, EPP Electronic Production Partners in November 2019 and had been part of the Photonics Systems Group since then.

History LS Laser Systems

The origins: Spin-off Munich Laser Systems

  • 1985: Foundation of Munich Laser Systems (MLS) by the spin-off of seven employees of the former Laser Optronic (later ROFIN-SINAR) in Munich
  • Development of a high-power rod laser, later also a marking laser device
  • 1989: Awarded the Innovation Prize of the German Economy
  • 1993: Change of name to LS Laser Systems
  • Focus on the further development of laser markers and laser trimmers, maintenance of the service of the former MLS products

Build up laser trim business

  • Development of two completely new products in the field of laser marking and laser trimming
  • Positioning as a specialist in special machine construction
  • Core market Germany and Europe
  • First customer: Shortly after its founding, today’s TTK was looking for a manufacturer, with LS Laser Systems deciding the choice in its favor
  • Further customers: Bosch, Vishay, EPCOS, Eurotec, Valeo, Kutschbach

From LS Laser Systems to Photonics Systems Group

  • January 2019: Sale of LS Laser Systems to Photonics Systems Group in terms of a succession plan.
  • Founders Werner Senser and Maximilian Zöpfl resigned as managing directors shortly after the sale
  • Management is taken over by Markus Nicht
  • December 2020: Merger of LS Laser Systems with EPP Electronics Production Partners to form L-TRIS GmbH.

History EPP Electronic Production Partners

The founding years: from hobby cellar to established company

  • 1987: Foundation of EPP Electronic Production Partners in Munich in the hobby cellar of Heinrich Stenger and his brother-in-law Ernst Maikranz
  • 1988: Maikranz leaves the company and Jeri Stenger joins as a partner.
  • 15 years of expertise in the laser trimming business flowed into the newly founded company, thus quickly creating trust on the customer side and building up a network, enabling the young EPP to quickly generate turnover
  • Expansion of the distributor business: First client was Heraeus Noblelight (laser lamps), for which the distribution in Germany was established.

Establishment of the laser trimming business in Europe

  • In 1990 EPP became the first exclusive distributor for the laser trimmers, which had been separated from Teradyne (automatic test systems) and were now distributed by TLSI (Telephonics Large Scale Integration, a division of the scanner manufacturer General Scanning).
  • From this time on, EPP is responsible for the distribution of TLSI laser trimmers in Europe.
  • TLSI, later renamed GSI Group, was acquired by ESI (Electro Scientific Industries).

From EPP Electronic Production Partners to Photonics Systems Group

  • November 2019: Sale of EPP Electronic Production Partners to Photonics Systems Group in the course of a succession plan.
  • Heinrich Stenger already left as managing director at the time of sale, Jeri Stenger and Bryan Burton after successful integration of EPP into Photonics Systems Group in July 2020
  • Since August 2020 the management is with Markus Nicht
  • 2020: acquisition by Photonics Systems Group of the IP for the manufacture of laser trimming equipment and wafer trimming equipment from Electro Scientific Industries. As part of the acquisition, Photonics Group takes over support of the worldwide installed base and expands the laser & wafer trimming business beyond the European continent.
  • December 2020: Merger of LS Laser Systems with EPP Electronics Production Partners to form L-TRIS GmbH.
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