Custom Circuit Trimmer

Custom Circuit Trimmer

LS 9600 TD: Laser trimming system for the electronics industry

The LS 9600TD laser trimming system automates, streamlines and optimizes your trimming tasks. The customized solutions with LS system modules offer the greatest possible flexibility for your application while optimizing costs. The spectrum ranges from OEM systems for integration into production lines and stand-alone systems to complete system solutions with automatic handling, contacting and efficient measurement technology for thick film, thin film and PCB applications. All systems can be expanded with automatic parts supply and removal.


  • Cutting geometry U, I, L, D, J, Shave-Cut or Meander-Cut
  • Automatic pre-, end- and contact test
  • PXIe measurement including switching matrix
  • Automatic camera alignment – edge, pattern and structure detection
  • Full marking capability – text, barcode, 2D code and graphics
  • DC motor driven Probe Assembly
  • Sample type: LS or ACCUPROBE type – customer specific
    Flying Probes
  • Step and repeat function of linear motor
  • Laser power measurement

Technical data

Substrate sizeup to 6″ x 8
Laser sourceNd YAG 1064 nm / 532 nm 
Machine size
1800 x 1780 x 900 mm 


  • Manual/motor driven z – axis
  • Motor driven phi-axis
  • Flying Probes
  • Hybrid System – ProbeCard and Flying Probes in one system
  • IEEE / GPIB connection
  • Laser power meter
  • Process suction
  • Valve controlled vacuum pickup
  • Automatic part infeed and outfeed


  • Trimming resistors and power capacitors for hybrid technology
  • Available for thick and thin film applications
  • Active and passive trimming with optional marking function

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