Sensor & Circuit Trim

Sensor & Circuit Trim

Standard Circuit Trimming System

LT2200 – Thick Film Laser Trim System 

LT2200 is an advanced platform for trim and test of thick film circuits, hybrids and components including PCBs and SMT. 

LT2210 – Thin Film Laser Trim System 

LT2210 is a versatile platform for trim and test of thin film resistors, resistor networks, hybrids, temperature sensitive devices (RTDs) and other thin film – small geometry applications. 


Yield and throughput

  • Absolute coordinates reduce “wandering” of trim positions in step&repeat applications
  • Unification of multiple systems (so-called tool matching)
  • Greater throughput with smaller number of alignments
  • Smaller contact pad geometries possible

Shortened product setup

  • Trim algorithms can be customized by the user
  • Reduced development time for program creation
  • Use of plug-in components for user interface customization

Technical data


Beam Positioning 


High-speed closed-loop galvanometer scanner

XY Stage Resolution: 

1.0 μm 

XY Stage Repeatability:

3 μm 

XY Stage Travel:

12” x 17”  


X, Y, Z, W, Theta 

Spot size: 

from 10µm (thin film) up to 30µm (thick film)

Part loading:  

Manual or automated


  • Measurement platform supports passive and active trim applications 
    1. Traceable measurement certification 
    2. Resistance range for 5 milli-Ohms to 1 Gig Ohm 
    3. DC Voltage measurement and sourcing 
    4. VXI and GPIB architecture for 3rd party expandability 
  • Patented beam calibration and vision system hardware for precise laser positioning 
  • Latest generation diode-pumped laser technology for minimum maintenance, long term stability and high reliability 


  • Graphical user interface for simple job creation and operation  
  • Tool library for fast job setup  
  • Comprehension software API library for advanced applications and custom integration  

Exclusive license rights to the circuit trim product portfolio of Electro Scientific Industries, Inc. (ESI) 
With the license agreement, the Photonics Systems Group, and with this L-TRIS, receives access to patents and know-how for the production, support and service of the ESI LT22XX systems. The goal of the agreement is to ensure worldwide service and support for ESI’s existing circuit trim customers and to further develop the product market for the companies of the group. 

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