Always up-to-grade

Are you using an older L-TRIS Instruments system? No problem, because with our versatile upgrades, even older systems can be adapted to current market requirements. For example, you can replace current wear parts with more durable individual parts of the latest generation and thus reduce your operating costs in the long term. As part of an upgrade, you can also have the latest technologies integrated into your existing systems and thus significantly extend their service life.

However, our upgrades not only reduce your company’s maintenance costs or investment volume. Because in addition to an increase in efficiency, greater flexibility also gives you an advantage over your direct competitors.

Especially when entering new or moving markets, upgrades or plant conversions are often a worthwhile investment to keep running costs low.


  • Lower investment costs compared to new acquisition.
  • Faster availability compared to new acquisition
  • Safeguarding of plant investments
  • Low TCO
  • Higher flexibility in production


  • Warranty extension
  • Combined service contracts / maintenance contracts
  • Throughput increase
  • Laser source replacement

Do you have questions about our services?

No matter whether you would like to get basic advice or already have very precise ideas – we will be happy to help you!

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