Wafer Trim™

Wafer Trim™

Laser Systems for Wafer Trimming

M350 – Active IC Trim System

M350 is an advanced platform for high precision, high throughput wafer-level optimization of linear and mixed-signal IC devices.


  • Fully integrated state-of-the-art laser trimmer and wafer prober system 
  • Proven superior laser control ensures process consistency & highest yields  
  • Advanced vision and motion subsystems provide dramatically improved positioning & alignment capability  
  • Optional Lasers – Short (SP) & Long (LP) Pulse Duration  

Technical data

Beam Positioning 


High-speed closed loop galvanometer scanner 

XY Stage Resolution:   

0.02 μm 

XY Stage Accuracy: 

± 2.0 μm 

Wafer Size:  

Supports 100 – 200 mm wafers


X, Y, Z, W, Theta 

Spot size: 

6.5 μm to 12 μm (optional 5 μm) 

Part loading:  

automated (manual as option) 


  • 3-axis servo-controlled robot and pre-aligner  
  • Mapping End Effector  
  • Detects presence, absence or cross-slotted for all wafer and substrate types  
  • OCR and Barcode Reader  
  • SEMI character font with checksum and barcode  
  • Light Tower  
  • Tape/Film Frame Option  
  • Probes Cleaning Option  
  • Probe Vision Option  
  • High and low mag viewing of probe pins  


User friendly WaferTrim™ software improves efficiency and provides compatibility with existing M310 data setup files 

Exclusive license rights to the wafer trim product range of Electro Scientific Industries, Inc. (ESI) 
With the license agreement, the Photonics Systems Group, and with this L-TRIS, receives access to patents and know-how for the production, support and service of the ESI M350 wafer trim system. The goal of the agreement is to ensure worldwide service and support for ESI’s existing wafer trim customers and to further develop the product market for the companies of the group. 

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