Measure & test

In the field of measuring and testing we can offer you:

  • Needle cards
  • Contact needles
  • Needle measuring stations
  • wafer probers
  • Manipulators
  • Machines and parts for ceramic multilayer chip capacitors
  • Ignition coils

About the product portfolio of our partner Accuprobe, LLC:

  • Z-adjustable probes 
  • Metal blade probes 
  • Ceramic blade probes 
  • Blade spring (pogo) probes 
  • Probe card edge sensors 
  • 4 1/2″ probe cards 
  • 6 1/2″ probe cards 
  • Chip Resistor Probe Cards 
  • Round probe cards 
  • Parametric test probe cards 
  • Probe assembly stations 
  • Planarization test stations 
  • Probe manipulation tools 
  • Probe card holders 
  • Cleaning materials 

About the product portfolio of our partner Probing Solutions, Inc.
(founded in 1995 by Robert Hancock, who also founded Micromanipulator):

  • analytical sample stations (needle measuring stations), manual or
  • semi-automated, up to wafer size 300mm
  • board test systems
  • anti vibration tables, vibration damped tables
  • microscopes from Meiji, Qioptic Imaging Solutions and Motic Laser (New Wave)
  • manipulators held magnetically or by vacuum
  • probe needles and holders
  • pico probes
  • thermal chucks
  • special customer solutions
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