Laser trimming

Our work at L-TRIS is based on years of trustful cooperation and constructive exchange with our customers. Laser trimming technology has a history of over 30 years and benefits from its consistency.

Improve your products through trimming

Laser alignment refers to the targeted modification of the properties of an electronic circuit or components through precise laser cuts or link blasting. For this purpose, the corresponding components are selected and processed with the laser. Lateral cutting into resistors increases the resistance value. In the case of capacitors, on the other hand, the removal of the cover electrode reduces the capacitance.

Passive trimming

A voltage is used to measure the value of a resistor.

Active trimming

A voltage is used to activate the entire mains circuit.

Exact values via laser alignment

During the adjustment, the respective parameter is continuously measured and compared with the set value. Once this is reached, the laser cut stops automatically. Resistance, voltage, current, frequency – almost all output signals can be adjusted to their target value via laser adjustment using the appropriate measuring equipment. If the signal cannot be measured continuously, the adjustment is performed step by step.

ChipR Trimming

In this laser application, the focus is on maximum speeds with minimum variance in the final values.

Reproducibility of results without constant recalibration of the system is emphasized in this application. 


E.g. Al2O3, AlN, FR4, SMDs, steel.

Substrate size:

2 “x2” – 4 “x4”
Component size up to 01005

Circuit Trimming

With its systems, L-TRIS realizes the laser trimming of complex circuits. Among other things, this trimming technology focuses on passive and active trimming. The used switching matrix allows the contacting of multiple components for the trimming of the complete circuit in one run.

Special additional functions in the LT22XX system series make these laser systems particularly suitable for trimming temperature or pressure sensors, where accurate temperature compensation is especially important.


e.g. Al2O3, AlN, FR4, SMDs, steel

Wafer Trimming

Wafer trimming is a special process in which existing links on the wafer are separated with a laser pulse (link blasting). The laser system is required to have the highest accuracy and special equipment.

The M350 Wafer Trim System of L-TRIS was designed from the beginning for wafer processing and is therefore able to separate 2µm wide links. A high-precision stage system (x, y, z, theta), in combination with a powerful steel deflection system including feedback loop, enables µm-accurate positioning of the individual laser pulses on the wafer to be processed. A high-resolution camera system is used to detect the structures.

The L-TRIS laser trimming systems are used in high-tech industries.

The L-TRIS laser systems are used in various applications in thick and thin film as well as for passive and active trimming (Ω, V, A, F, Hz, H) on a wide variety of materials such as silicon wafers, ceramics, FR4, steel, PI KAPTON® or SMD components.

  • Automotive electronics
    1. Electro Mobility
    2. Fuel tank measurement
  • Industrial and Power Electronics
    1. Current controller
    2. Hybrid circuits
  • Automation
  • Measurement and control technology
  • High frequency assemblies
    1. High / Low / Bandpass
  • Sensor technology
    1. Temperature Sensor
    2. Park Distance Sensor
    3. Pressure Sensor
  • Linear and round potentiometers
  • Military technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Aerospace
    1. Satellite System
    2. Crystal Oscilator
  • Medical technology, medical sensors

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